Queer history, Justin Bieber and drag: All of our editors’ picks for 2021


Once the conclusion of January nears and we also commence to settle into 2022, you need to take a look straight back at several of the favourite articles from this past year. Here is a top 10 a number of our very own editors’ selections for 2021, featuring pieces on everything from queer history to My Chemical Romance, Justin Bieber and Korean pull.

The on-line publisher EK Lewis’s selections for 2021:

Image: Author’s own

Melbourne’s delicious raid: finding out the history of queer culture and resilience
by Christina Karantonis

a thoughtful expression on queer night life while the importance of once you understand all of our shared background.

Cycle tales: On mothers, slaps and embarrassment
by Başak Yirmibeşoğlu

An individual profile that sheds light regarding stigma surrounding menstruation in contemporary chicken therefore the ladies combating to conquer it.

Plant life, queerness and psychological state: The delight of progress
by Dani Leever

A wonderful meditation on recovery, growth, together with steps we find comfort in the process of both.

Conversion therapy: Leading and making an ex-gay ministry
by Kim Kemmis

A haunting profile of this experiences that brought a gay guy to facilitating, and eventually making, an ex-gay ministry.

Queer childhood, research and innocence
by Hugh Coldwell-Ross

a sensitive, luminous written piece wherein the author recalls their encounters as a child on the cusp of adolescence.

All of our deputy online editor Dani Leever’s picks for 2021:

Friendzone endzone: Manic pixie dykes in male gaze
by Alex Creece

an engaging and nuanced research of an overplayed heterosexual trope with an queer lens.

My Chemical Romance: On queer emo friendship
by Vince Ruston

This extraordinary piece reminisces on the author’s emo youthfulness, while brilliantly examining the accessory many queers think to My Chemical Romance.

Wog Boys: The patron saints of bisexuality who motivated my personal drag
by Chiara Gabrielli

A humorous and stirring piece that dives into expanding up, tradition, internalised misogyny, being released and exactly how a pull king persona seamlessly weaves them all collectively.

Justin Bieber and my personal trans masculinity
by AP Pobjoy

This wildly fascinating piece attracts you to the writer’s sex trip and love of Justin Bieber, letting you see pop music songs in another (queer) light.

Celebrating my Korean-Australian identity at a drag club in Seoul
by Ellie Freeman

a nostalgic expression on battle, identity and queerness which bursting with love and tenderness.

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